The Secret To Delivering Bad News So That It Doesn’t Hurt So Much

I wish that I could tell you that every speech that you’ll give will be bright and happy. However, I won’t tell you that because you know as well as I do that life simply is not that way. There will be times that because of the importance of public speaking we are called on to deliver bad news to your audience. This puts you in a very difficult position – how you deliver this news is going to have a big impact on how it affects your audience. The good news is that there are two things that you can do that will make it easier for your audience to deal with what you are telling them.

No Tricks

I must confess that I do not like delivering bad news to an audience. If there was any way that I could get out of doing it, I would. This is where the concept of using tricks to downplay the seriousness of the bad news comes into play. One of the most popular tricks is to try to load your speech up with lots of good news. This way you can point to the good news and tell your audience that the bad new is really not all that bad.

This kind of misdirection will end up doing you no good. What’s going to happen is that your audience is going to see through your clever words and they are going to lose trust in what you have to tell them. You will come off as being weak – you say one thing, but you are really delivering a message about something else. Look, bad news deserves your respect and when you play games, you end up looking like you are making fun of those people who are being told the bad news.

There Are No Secrets

There may have been secrets once upon a time, but these days very little ever remains secret for long. What you need to realize is that there is a very good chance that your audience already knows or at least suspects what you are going to be telling them. Don’t for a moment think that you are going to be able to keep any secrets from them.

If you try to hold back important information or, even worse, lie to your audience it will come back and bite you hard. I’m sorry to have to tell you that no matter what you tell your audience, there are going to be people who are not going to be happy with what you are telling them – it is called “bad news” for a reason. However, if you lie and try to change the story, members of your audience are going to spot your deception immediately and you will be quickly and permanently identified as someone who can never be trusted.

What All Of This Means For You

None of us ever wake up thinking “I’m looking forward to giving a speech in which I’ll be delivering bad news.” However, we can find ourselves in a situation where we’ve been asked to deliver a speech like this. In order to make it easier for our audience to deal with what we are going to be telling them, we can use the benefits of public speaking and make use of two things that will make it easier.

When it comes time to tell an audience about bad news, as a speaker you need to make sure that you stay away from any misdirection or resorting to trickery. If you try any of these things, you’ll lose the trust of your audience. You need to remember that in this modern time, there are no longer any secrets. If you try to hold back any information it will eventually get out and you’ll end up looking very bad.

Delivering bad news to an audience is all about respecting your audience. When you have to give them bad news, understand that how you deliver the news is going to have a big impact on how they end up dealing with what you tell them. Use these two tips to make sure that the message that you are giving to them is understood loud and clear. No, this kind of speech is never easy, but you can do it and you can do it well.

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Career Services: Meeting the Needs of Students, Employers and Institutions

Colleges and universities are taking a closer look at the level of career services support they are delivering to students beyond the learning experience. While much of this has to do with the current economy and the need for schools to continually find new and better ways to support students, the end goal for most institutions is regulatory compliance.STATE OF THE INDUSTRY:Government intervention in higher education coupled with a decline in jobs over the last few years is forcing colleges and universities to take on greater responsibility when it comes to supporting students through the career placement process. Keep in mind that:

Schools that can prove placement rates will be able to retain their student funding.
Schools that dedicate more resources to their career services department will have a greater opportunity to connect graduates with employers.
Schools that place more students in jobs can expect to see an increase in enrollment and retention as a result of their positive placement results.
Because of Gainful Employment, colleges and universities across the country are looking at career services in a whole new light and acknowledging its growing importance. However, many schools need assistance identifying where to best allocate resources in order to advance their career services support. Colleges and universities need to evaluate and consider the processes and systems that need to be put into place to help them overcome challenges, specifically with regards to management and reporting.When it comes to career services management, schools need to ask themselves the following questions:

Do we have the right processes in place to communicate with employers and students, as well as connect them and monitor their interaction?
Do we have the data management practices in place that will allow students to proactively reach out to employers to market themselves?
Do we have the data management practices in place that will allow us to create a comprehensive database of qualified candidates?
Do we have the capabilities to allow employers to access student applicants and post open positions?
When it comes to career services reporting, schools need to ask themselves the following questions:

Are we tracking the right Career Services Outcomes in terms of student and placement data?
Can we easily access the data to pull the reports and analytics we need to prove placement and meet compliance?
Do we have the ability to follow-up with alumni and track career results long term?
Colleges and universities need to implement the systems and processes that will allow them to increase placement rates and track the data for accreditation and federal regulatory purposes. Bringing software into the mix can make it easier to connect students and employers, creating greater efficiencies and stronger results. It can also facilitate reporting capabilities so schools can stay competitive and compliant. There are specific things that students, employers and schools need to do, and information they need to access in order to strengthen placement results.STUDENT NEEDS:It isn’t enough anymore to simply gain the skills necessary for job success, rather students need to be able to market themselves to employers. Colleges and universities need to provide a place and a process for students to do this.Build an Online Profile- students need to be able to showcase their academic, personal and professional accomplishments in order to attract employers.Attach a Cover Letter and Resume- students need to be able to upload and update attachments in order to communicate their career goals, experience and qualifications; they also need to be able to provide viewing access to potential employers.Search Employer Profiles- students need access to the various employers who are hiring in their field so they can align their skill sets and goals with organizations for which they would like to work.Search Job/Internship Postings- students need access to as much real world experience as possible in order to get their foot in the door with employers.EMPLOYER NEEDS:The shift in the job market has meant that employers have been able to be more selective in the hiring process. As we embark on an economic recovery, that may or may not continue. Regardless, employers also need to be able to market themselves, as well as search for and easily connect with qualified candidates.Create Company Profile- employers need to be able to communicate their value proposition to future employees in terms of their business model, markets served, mission, culture and goalsPost Job Openings Online- employers need an efficient way to spread the word about job opportunities to a network of students and graduates who will most likely meet prerequisites.View Student Background and Resume- employers need to be able to quickly and easily learn about and qualify prospective applicants.Generate Resume Books- employers need to be able to compile resumes from qualified applicants in order to compare skill sets and achievements, and seek out the most appropriate candidate.COLLEGE AND UNIVERSITY NEEDS:As colleges and universities take on greater accountability in job placement, they need to look for new ways to help students and graduates succeed beyond the classroom on a professional level. They can accomplish this by delivering a higher level of support throughout the education process. They also need to work closely with employers to make sure job candidates are meeting employer expectations, as well as connect these job seekers with their potential future employers.When it comes to supporting students, schools need to do the following:Track Student Information for Advising- career services advisors need a comprehensive tool set that enables them to track the student through the job search, assessing qualification and activities, as well as conducting follow-ups.

Integrated Academic and Demographic Information- advisors need a centralized place to access the student’s information, from grades to career goals so they can make sure the student is confident and capable in his or her chosen field, as well as on track to meet employer requirements.
Contact Management and Communication Tools- advisors need to be able to regularly reach out to students regarding such things as resume suggestions, new job postings and more.
Profile Background, Skill Sets and Preferences- advisors need to be able to easily compile a student’s information in order to identify career opportunities that would be a fit for the student.
Track Opportunities and Career Services Outcomes- career services advisors need an efficient way to stay on top of all postings so they can better match qualified students with job opportunities; they also need to manage and measure which postings secure hires.Track Placement Information, Salary and Employment History- colleges need an easy way to analyze how many students are being placed, what they are earning, the success rate of each student once placed, and the career path each student follows out of school.When it comes to engaging with employers, schools need to do the following:Communicate with and Manage Potential Employers- colleges need a tool set that will enable them to build stronger employer relationships in order to better match students with jobs, as well as to secure the school’s reputation as a credible source of qualified graduates.

Track Multiple Locations and Contacts Per Employer- schools need to make sure they always have a current database of employers with which they can connect students.
Track Multiple Opportunity Types- advisors need to be able to analyze job details, such as full time, part time, hourly, internship, externship and more.
Contact Management- advisors need to be able to track current and past outreach with employers to see which relationships are in good standings and where additional outreach is necessary.
Communication Tools- advisors need to be able to proactively reach out to employers to reinforce the relationship and stay top of mind.
Track and Manage Job Requisitions- career services advisors need an easy way to follow existing and new job postings so they can match qualified applicants with those employers and opportunities.Manage Alumni Network at the Employer- the career services team needs to be able to track and report on the number of students working with a specific organization so they can assess the success rates of graduates by employer, as well as determine organizations where their students’ skill sets are the best fit.CONCLUSION:Colleges and universities that advance their career services are going to be at an advantage. Their students will be better matched with career opportunities in which they have the chance to succeed, and the schools will be able to use the placement information to support compliance. A well thought out career services approach can mean more placements, which in turn can drive increased retention and stronger enrollment.When looking at career services strategies, it is critical that schools simplify management processes and streamline reporting capabilities. A comprehensive student data management system that includes student and employer portals, as well as job seeker and employer CRMs can help colleges and universities do this by:

Collecting all information in a central location
Eliminating the need for redundant and outdated spreadsheets
Allowing multiple levels of staff within the organization to access the information in real time

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Top Ten Ways to Improved Health and Fitness

Does it look as if your life is spiraling out of control? Getting rid of stress is all pertaining to taking charge: having to take charge of your current thought processes, your own feelings, your agenda, your own natural environment, along with the approach you deal with difficulties. Typically the supreme goal is actually a balanced life along with time for work, family relationships, rest and fun – additionally the fortitude to hold up under stress and also satisfy challenges head on.1. Adequate BreathPractice the following process on a day-to-day basis for 5-10 minutes. Lie on your back, placing a pillow wedge or similar support beneath your knees to relax your smaller back. Position a hand at your stomach and the other on your chest. Slowly and gradually inhale through your nostril and also make certain the only hand that will moves is actually the one upon ones belly. Try to keep the hand on your upper body as still as achievable. Let out your breath by means of pursed mouth and repeat. You actually might become briefly lightheaded following your 1st couple of breaths, but that is definitely a regular response to the particular increase in oxygen uptake by your body.2. OrganizationAre you beginning to feel weighed down through so much to do and so little time? Unclutter your life and also get organized in order to take back control.3. Satisfactory Drinking waterLack of fluids stresses your overall body and nervous system. Sufficient water absorption is important for cellular processes. So, just how much must you drink? My personal guidance, multiply your weight in lbs by 0.5 and 0.7. The amounts produced are the range, in ounces, of drinking water an individual should drink every day. There is no need to get started slamming down normal water today. Instead, gradually increase your intake over a four-week time period. Keep in mind that caffeinated drinks are usually natural dehydrators, so for every cup of caffeine beverage you consume, replace them by using 2 cups of standard water.4. Balanced SnackEat balanced eat regularly to control blood sugar quantities. Consuming simply about three meals a day is insufficient with regard to keeping this delicate balance of hormones in check. This is actually recommended that in addition to consuming three normal meals a day, a person combine in 2-3 nutritious snacks. Anyone can notice a renewed feeling of energy and vitality because you deliver your body and brain with the nutrition it needs.5. ExercisingOnce you make it a part of your program, it may become an essential part regarding your healthy and balanced way of life. Make an effort to get 20 minutes a day of some type of physical exercise. Going for a walk is actually a excellent way to begin. Get outdoors in addition to enjoy the open atmosphere while at the exact same time clarifying your mind. Excessive pounds is also a stress on your body. Standard physical exercise may help to remove the pounds, improving your appearance, your health and fitness and your state of mind.6. Finding “Me Time Period”Take some solo time every morning prior to you start the actual day. Implement this period to reflect on yesterday and plan out present-day’s events. It is a excellent time in order to put together your own “Top 5″ list of important things you actually really want to accomplish for the day.7. Listening to SongsFavorite songs calms the spirit. This can trigger so many emotions and sense. Produce a specialized assortment of your popular tunes and play them any time you need to get away. Close your eyes along with take yourself back to a place which left a cherished opinion upon your own soul. That will help provide you a restored viewpoint upon your current situation.8. StudyingStudying can truly alter your existence. Try in order to find twenty minutes a day to look over something positive and reassuring. Stay apart from newspapers and periodicals that are usually filled up with disaster and gloom.9. Concentrating on Excellent InformationTurn on the TV these days and almost all you observe is certainly negative information. What happened to the actual great news? Precisely what you focus on turns into your actuality. Consequently stop paying attention on the actual poor things in life and concentrate within on the favourable.10. Better SleepingRest is essential with regard to the particular regeneration associated with body and mind. Lack of sleep leads stress on the immune system and can make you a lot more susceptible to disease. How much sleep should a particular person get every night? The particular answer will depend on on the personal; nevertheless it will be advised to get eight hours of slumber every evening for greatest benefit.This usually takes thirty days to form a brand-new habit. Attempt these top 10 pressure busters for just 1 month and anyone can modify your current life. Perhaps if you cannot perform all of them, begin using a handful of and also observe just how much less tension you have in your life.Copyright (c) 2010 Derek Day

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